Patients :

“I was impressed with the

evaluation Dr Dhar wrote on

our 1st appointment. It was a

great insight into his diagnosis

of my condition and it gave me

a new perspective at this time in

my life.”


“Very caring, professional

approach. Open to feedback

in structuring sessions, non

judgemental attitude and

respectful. Feel in good hands

with a wealth of experience,

pleasant style.”


“I have no faults with this doctor.

He has been great in all my

encounters/appointments with



“Very friendly, helpful, professional

and mature.”


“I couldn’t be more satisfied. I

received the kind of treatment I

exactly needed. I would have no

hesitation in recommending the

service received by Dr Dhar, a

true professional who thoroughly

understands what his patients are

going through and works with

them until he is satisfied they have

fully recovered and can enjoy life



“Excellent support for my

condition. Consultations with Dr

Dhar and therapy sessions have

been a revelation both in terms of

helping me identify the course and

also in terms of recommended

treatment. Dr Dhar has also given

me helpful advice/tools which I

can apply to help my condition”


Professional referrers:


“I’ve been very pleased with Dr Dhar’s patient centred approach to looking after the patient’s I have referred to him

The patients have all made tremendous recoveries” GP lead



Others to be added……